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Personal meeting with both parents and ward.


Students entering primary school (Standards III to VI) may be asked to write an entrance test in English.


Students entering Middle School (Standards VII to X) or Senior School (Standards XI to XII) will be required to take an entrance examination in both English and Mathematics. Entrance examinations are held prior to admission. Admissions are confirmed only after an assessment of the student’s latest school reports and the result of the entrance examination if required. Please note that all students are required to attend an interview with the Principal before confirmation of a place in the school.


For prospective students from abroad, the entrance examination can be scheduled in their local school. The parents must obtain a ‘no objection certificate’ from the Head of the School. An email address to be provided for sending the question papers.

It is very important that both parents or the authorized guardian/s of the student visit the school to sign document. International students will require a nominated guardian.

A student will not be admitted unless the parents or a responsible person from the family visits the school.


An application form may be downloaded from our website and sent to Mother Teresa School whereupon the student’s name will be registered for admission. Kindly note that registering the name of a child does not ensure a place in the school, this can depend upon the performance of a child in an entrance examination or assessment of his/her current results, as well as vacancies in the class for which admission is sought. International students must provide a copy of their passport and visa details at the time of application. Once a position has been offered by the school, all fees are to be paid. A place in the school cannot be confirmed until all fees are received.

All documentation for enrolment should be furnished during the time of admission.
Our registrar, will be pleased to assist you with your enquiries and may be contacted either by
Mobile: 8000 550055/ 8000 660066
Time: 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM from Monday to Friday.
It is necessary to complete both our application and medical forms and submit these to the admission office.